PRODUCT | Theater Screen TiP-I PLAY THEATRE! Art. DT-02

  • Dimensions: 680х980mm
  • Pack dimensions: 1000х700х30mm
  • Packed weight – up to 2kg
  • Materials: 100% ECO!
  • Theater screen: 7mm reinforced white-brown cardboard
  • Theater props: 12 bubbles with 3mm cardboard sticks for puppets and 500 colourful TiPs
  • For children aged 3 and older
  • RECYCLING technology

Description: The new TiP-I PLAY THEATRE! enables children to play out sketches using the theater screen along with fantasy characters made from TiPs. The pack contains all needed tools and instructions to create magical birds, crocodiles, kings, clowns and other fairytale characters. Mold characters directly to the sticks or decorate with TiPs the theater screen and bubbles!

The tiny colourful fischer TiPs are a remarkable material for children creativity. They are made of potato starch and natural food colours, making them completely safe. It is very simple: you only need to moisten the TiPs and then press them together. They can easily be cut and molded into any shape and even used as paint. It is a universal material for materializing creative ideas in to real works of art. TiPsmodeling develops abstract thinking, creative capabilities and fine motor skills. Fantasize, create and paint with all colours of the rainbow!

Usage instructions for Fischer TiP pieces.

  1. Wet a sponge in water.
  2. Wring the sponge.
  3. Lightly press one side of the TiP piece to the sponge.
  4. Press together with another TiP piece or paper.