PRODUCT | Switchable Décor “YOH-HO!” Art. DDK-01.D-01

  • сборный картонный домик Йохо
  • Dimensions: 980х680х980mm
  • Material: 320g cardboard with full-colour print and protective finishing coat
  • Set weight: up to 4kg
  • Set includes fastening elements, toy props, instructions

Description: The new quickly becomes old for youngsters, turning their rooms into storages of abandoned toys. We have created a toy house that will never grow old! The switchable décor is fastened to the cardboard base of the house with zip clips, drastically changing the game boundaries. The blank side for colouring remains on the inside of the house.

Switchable Décor “YOH-HO!” is sold in set with toy props: a colouring chimney, flags, sign plates, a canopy, coins and a thermometer.

During festive seasons the house can be used to hide presents, while the mailbox waits for your little one’s letters to Santa Claus and the Good Fairy.

Switchable décor “YOH-HO” is sold in set with Colouring House «CLASSIC».

Download PDF: Assembly instructions for toy houses of the CLASSIC range (base + décor)..