PRODUCT | Construction set from eco-cardboard YOHOCUBE – for me and my friends!

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  • “YOHOCUBE” construction set – self-assemble cubes in set with fasteners and thematic decorative elements for constructing any shapes without using glue.

  • What can be made with cubes? Fantasy worlds with skyscrapers, trees, animals, tech and robots. And even completely real furniture. Invent new art pieces! Decorate the space around you! Enjoy creativity in a circle of friends and family! The cubes are suitable for repeated use to create new forms with no need for glue.

  • Yohocubes can be drawn on – the surface layer absorbs paint perfectly. And moreover, YOH-HO-cubes are excellent little hideaways for your most sacred secrets

  • Playing with the YOHOCUBE construction set cultivates abstract thinking, constructive habits, creative capabilities and fine motor skills. It fosters collective creativity in multi-aged groups. Recommended for children aged 6 or older. For collaborative play with adults.

  • Assembled YOHOCUBE dimensions – 80mm. The cube comfortably fits on a child’s palm.

  • Pack Dimensions: 420х320х40/120mm
  • Packed weight – up to 2kg
  • Materials: 100% ECO
  • 1.5mm reinforced cardboard
  • RECYCLING technology

The Yohocube construction set comes in thematic versions: “Children’s Furniture”, “Zoo”, “Technics” and “Letters&Figures and classify on 3 levels: start, middle and higher. Range continually expanding.