PRODUCT | Colouring House “CLASSIC” with “Windmill” + “Tower” attics. Art. DDK-02

  • Dimensions: 980х680х980mm
  • Pack dimensions: 1000х700х50mm
  • Packed weight – up to 5kg
  • Materials: 100% ECO!
  • Walls: 7mm reinforced white-brown cardboard
  • Roof with attics: 3mm white-brown cardboard
  • Set includes fastening elements, toy pros, instructions
  • For children aged 3 or older
  • RECYCLING technology

Description: Switchable attics “Windmill” and “Tower” come in set with Colouring House “CLASSIC”. The attics can easily be removed from the roof to be coloured and equipped with everything necessary for the game before being reattached to the house! They can even be used separately as dollhouses.

A toy house with an attic in the shape of a “Windmill” is a perfect solution for playing at home or at the villa. Favorite toys will settle in the attic, while their owner inhabits the house itself.

Childhood fantasies come to life – a toy house with an attic in the form of a “Tower” with loopholes! The dreams of little girls – a fairytale world of princesses and magical fairies; and little boys – knights and dragons. Dolls in featherweight dresses and knights in shining armour will occupy the castle…