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Our own childhood memories remind us how exciting toy houses are to children. “YOH-HO” has designed an interesting, convenient, safe and affordable toy house that will never grow dull.

The colouring house is presented in two versions – Classic and Fantasy. All Yoh-ho!™ toy houses are made from 7mm reinforced cardboard, can easily be transformed into a folding screen and are equipped with toy props. It takes up little space in its screen form and can be placed by the wall to decorate a child’s room as an item of creative interior design.

One side of the house offers a printed outline for colouring, the other is a blank sheet for full creative freedom. Let your child paint our house instead of your wallpaper!

The toy house undergoes a wonderful makeover, if adorned with bright and colourful décor of “YOH-HO”, “Doctor Aybolit” or “Windmill” and “Tower” attic kits.

Yoh-ho!™ toy houses are an excellent present for your child on any occasion. The gift can be customized to be special and unique with the “Personal Birthday House” (ссылки на услугу и разделы виды продукции – по тексту) service.

For fans of theater we recommend the “I Play Theatre!” game set – a theater screen with props for staging puppet shows. Yoh-ho! will bring not only a new bright toy to your home but also new family traditions: theater evenings, creative atmosphere, a genuine fascination for your child aside from television and the computer.

Currently available are 5 types of toy houses and 2 theater sets with toy props. Range continually expanding.

How long since you’ve spent some time with family and friends? Invite everyone for a YOH-HO-game!

Putting together Yohocubes and constructing true artwork will make you feel like an accomplished inventor, while collective creativity will bring you closer with others and strengthen your bonds.

Getting together with family, colleagues and friends will become an unforgettable event. As adults supplement their conversation with recreational cube assembly, the children will be busy playing with them to build various shapes.

All involved! YOH-HO unites!

Yohocube is self-assemble cubes in set with fasteners and thematic decorative elements for the construction of any forms without using glue.

What can be made with cubes? Fantasy worlds with skyscrapers, trees, animals, tech and robots. And even completely real furniture. Invent new art pieces! Decorate the space around you! Enjoy creativity in a circle of friends and family! The cubes are suitable for repeated use to create new forms with no need for glue.

Yohocubes can be drawn on – the surface layer absorbs paint perfectly. And moreover, YOH-HO-cubes are excellent little hideaways for your most sacred secrets!

Playing with the Yohocube construction set cultivates abstract thinking, constructive habits, creative capabilities and fine motor skills. It fosters collective creativity in multi-aged groups. Recommended for children aged 6 or older. For collaborative play with adults.

The Yohocube construction set comes in thematic versions: “Children’s Furniture”, “Zoo”, “Technics” and “Letters&Figures and classify on 3 levels: start, middle and higher. Range continually expanding.

“YOH-HO” PLC – Russian manufacturer of Yoh-ho!™ cardboard eco-toys.


Yoh-ho!™ All rights reserved. Production patented, certified and corresponds to requirements of ТР ТС 008/2011 «Of Toy Safety», ГОСТ 25779-90.